The weeks before the due date can be filled with excitement and a bit of anxiety. For parents to be, knowing the early signs of labor is important. It will let you know that the day is drawing near. These signs can be subtle but your body will let you know that the time is almost here. If you are about to have your baby, look out for these early signs of labor.

The early signs of labor

  1. The baby drops

In the last weeks, your baby will drop lower to your cervix. This is called “lightening”. You might find that you are taking more bathroom breaks because your baby’s head is now pushing on your bladder.

  1. You feel more cramps and back pain

Because your joints and muscles are stretching in preparation for childbirth, you will feel more cramps and back pain as the D-day approaches.

  1. Your joints feel loser

Your joints may start to feel less tight and relaxed as your body opens up the pelvis for your baby to get through.

  1. Diarrhea

As your other muscles are relaxing as your labor nears, so do the rectum muscles. This may lead you to experience diarrhea. Make sure to stay hydrated as this happens.

  1. You will feel more tired

In the weeks before active labor, you will feel more tired than usual. Some moms get a surge of energy and feel the urge to organize everything in sight. Whichever of these you feel is completely okay.

  1. Bloody discharge

The mucus plug that seals the cervix during pregnancy breaks and leads to a pinkish or bloody discharge. It might go unnoticed and usually happens a few days before active labor.

As you experience these signs of early labor, you can take a warm bath that relaxes your body, go for a walk, or doing some breathing exercises.

early signs of labor

When signs of active labor such as your water breaking and having strong and regular contractions, it is time to pick up your hospital bag and head to the hospital. Active labor may also include back pain, leg cramps, and nausea. This will indicate the time has come to meet your baby.


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