Mothers have different options when it comes to feeding their babies. Some prefer to breastfeed exclusively, while some choose to bottle feed with formula or breast milk. Whatever option works for you and your baby is what you should choose to do, or even combine more than one method. For working moms, pumping breast milk is popular because it ensures their kids have breast milk even when they are away.

Advantages of pumping breast milk

Pumping Breast Milk

  1. More free time

When you pump and have a supply of breast milk available for your baby, you are able to have free time to go out and do errands. You will be sure that your baby has enough milk even when you are away. It also helps to accommodate emergencies such as hospitalization or if you are taking medication that is not compatible with breastfeeding.

  1. Timing of feedings

Having a constant supply of milk will help to establish a feeding schedule. This can also help free up time for you.

  1. Ability to share feedings

When you are breastfeeding, you cannot get help feeding your baby. Pumping will enable other family members to help you out with the responsibility of feeding the baby. This will also help you get some much-needed rest as others help out.

  1. Donating milk

Some mothers have more milk than their baby needs and pumping can enable them to donate some of their milk to others who need it. Babies that have lost their mothers or are adopted can greatly benefit from donor milk.

  1. Pumping allows babies to have breast milk

Unlike baby formula, pumping ensures that your baby is feeding on your milk which is the natural food for infants. It also has extensive benefits for the baby. For mothers with babies in the hospital who they can’t be with all the time, pumping is a great option. It also helps when a baby is not able to latch on the breast.

  1. Less pain

Breastfeeding is painful for some mums, especially new moms. Pumping can be a good option for you if you are able to tolerate it.

  1. If you have twins or triplets

If you have more than one baby, breastfeeding all your babies can be a challenge. Pumping can help you make sure you have enough milk supply for all the babies.

Both pumping and breastfeeding have their advantages. Whether to pump or not to, is completely your choice.

By Beth Mugo

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