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What are Nipple Shields

Breastfeeding is, without a doubt, a very crucial part of parenting. Breastmilk contains a lot of nutrients that a child needs to grow healthy. The process should be hassle-free for both the mother and the child. There are different ways to achieve this goal, and one such option is the use of nipple shields when breastfeeding. What is a nipple shield? Nipple shields are thin silicon devices that are designed to be worn over your nipple when breastfeeding. The nipple shields are flexible and…

breast milk storage

What Are Breast Milk Storage Bags And Why You Need Them

What Are Breast Milk Storage Bags And Why You Need Them Breastfeeding is considered the healthiest way for feeding your child. There are plenty of nutrients beneficial for the child, and breastfeeding gives them the best start in this article we are going to understand what are the use of breast milk storage bags. Reasons To Collect And Refrigerate Breast Milk There are a variety of reasons for women to express breast milk. When you correctly express the milk, you can freeze and…

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