Here are the steps you’ll take to trim your baby’s nails

1. Give Your Baby a Bath

Nails are at their softest right after a bath. That means it’s the perfect time to cut them right after you get your baby dressed after their bath.

2. Shed Some Light on the Situation

Make sure you have enough bright light to see what you’re doing. Trim those nails by a window using natural light or do it with a flashlight pointing at your baby’s fingers.

3. Use the Clippers or Scissors

If you use clippers, get ones that are small enough to safely work on your baby’s little fingers. Push down on the skin surrounding the top of your baby’s nails so you don’t accidentally cut that.Hold your baby’s hand firmly so you don’t lose your grip.When cutting fingernails, do so by following the curve of the nail. When cutting toenails, do it straight across.

4. Take Care of the Rough Edges

You can smooth any snagged edges with the emery board.For Baby Products Contact MILLAN BABY SHOP ~ 0702360039


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