A newborn routine is a great way to plan both your baby’s day and yours. Even though some moms thrive on being spontaneous, others prefer to have a set-down routine for the day-to-day activities of their babies. So, what should a newborn routine look like? We have come up with a sample routine for your baby to follow. Keep in mind that it’s not a one size fits all and some moms may want a different routine. Whatever works best for you and your baby is what is best.

Here is a sample newborn routine

  1. Wake up and feed

Once your baby gets up in the morning, start the day with a feed. This will give them the energy to start the day and give you both some bonding time. Sometimes, babies will fall back asleep after a feed. This is okay and you should let them rest until they wake up again.

  1. Change their diaper

Your baby will probably be wet when they wake up in the morning. After they have a feed, check their diaper and change them if necessary.

  1. Play with the baby

Interact with your baby and play with them. Talk to them or cuddle as you spend time together. This will also help to strengthen your bond.

  1. Put your baby to sleep

newborn routine

Having a specific time when you put your baby to sleep will help maintain a routine. If you have been sleep training your baby, you can use those techniques to put the baby to sleep.

It is important to get cues from your baby on what they want too. If it’s playtime and they are sleepy, you should let them rest or if you notice that they are hungry, you should feed them.

Repeat this routine throughout the day as your baby will be sleeping quite often especially if they are newborns.

By Beth Mugo


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