Foods For Infants

The best food for infants between 0-6 months is breastmilk. It is rich in nutrients and helps babies to fight diseases. Doctors recommend exclusive breast feeding for the first six months for every infant. After six months, babies can be weaned and introduced to other types of foods. It’s important to remember that babies cannot eat the food that adults do and parents needs to be mindful of what they feed infants. We have made a list of the best foods for infants.

Best foods for infants

  1. Fruits

Foods For Infants

Fruits are one of the best foods for infants. When they are still very young, they might not be able to eat them full and you will need to blend the fruits. Make sure you introduce babies to a variety of fruits such as bananas and avocadoes. Bananas have lots of carbohydrates and fiber that is good for babies growth.

  1. Butternut

Butternut has been a favorite weaning baby food for many in Kenya. It is sweet and has a lot of antioxidants, fiber and potassium which is great for babies. Boil the butternut and squash it into a paste for the baby.

  1. Porridge

Porridge is a great food for babies. It is filling and sustaining and is a great source of protein and iron. Porridge is also one of the best foods for weaning babies. It is easy and quick to make and can be taken at any time of the day.

  1. Cereal

Foods For Infants

Iron fortified cereal like oatmeal and barley are a great way to replenish the supply of iron that gets depleted as your baby grows.

  1. Sweet potatoes

The sweet taste of sweet potatoes makes it a favorite for many babies. It has a lot of benefits for the baby including vitamin A that is good for vision, and healthy skin.

  1. Meat

Although babies cannot eat large pieces of meat, you can cut them up into very small pieces or blend them depending on the age of your child. It is a great source of protein, iron and zinc.

It is advisable to avoid cows’ milk for young babies less than one year old because they are not able to digest it. Plain yoghurt is however great for babies because it is easier for them to digest.

By Beth Mugo


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