Mother and Baby

You have just had your baby and it’s time to go home with them. You have been preparing for their arrival and can’t wait to get home and start your new life together. What should you expect in the first few days after you get home? To ensure that you are well prepared, we have made a list of what you should expect for the first days at home for both mother and baby.

What to expect in the first days at home for mother and baby

1. Breastfeeding

Many hospitals will teach new moms how to breastfeed before they go home. They will make sure that the baby is able to latch and that the mother is trained on how often to feed the baby. At home, you will have to feed your baby every two to three hours. This is because the baby’s stomach is small and so they will feed in small amounts, frequently. Babies will announce they are hungry by crying or sucking their hands.

2. Crying

All newborns will cry, some more than others. Crying may be influenced by many factors such as hunger, a wet diaper or sleep. With time, you will be able to figure out why your baby is crying. The crying will also reduce as your baby grows.

3. Sleep

Mother and Baby

Newborns sleep a lot. They can sleep for up to 18 hours a day. They will however wake up quite often to feed since their small stomachs will demand they are fed after every few hours. Both mother and baby will have to be ready for this. They will also sleep almost everywhere, in your arms, in a car seat or in the crib. Make sure they are in a good sleeping position to prevent injuries.

4. Bathing

Your newborn baby does not need to take a bath every day. Once in a few days is enough. In the first few days when the umbilical cord stump is still hanging, you can give your baby a sponge bath. Avoid immersing your baby’s whole body in water during this time.

5. Clothes

Mother and Baby

When it comes to baby’s clothes, comfort is key. Dress your baby in clothes that are easy to get on and off, and those that make diaper changes easier. Remember to keep your baby warm by including hats, socks and gloves in their outfit.

Your body will also be undergoing changes the first few days after you get home. Whether you had a vaginal birth or a C-Section, you will need to make sure that you heal so that you can take care of baby.

By Beth Mugo


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