Gifts For Working Moms

Choosing a gift can be both easy and hard at the same time. It depends on your knowledge of what the person you are gifting likes. Working moms do double duty both at work and at home. When choosing gifts for working moms, you can choose something that makes them feel at ease juggling between work tasks & deadlines, kids, and home responsibilities. Below are some of the items we think can be appreciated by any working mum.

Gifts for working moms

  1. Diaper Bag

This is something every mom needs and having more than one is still okay. If you are out of ideas or on a lean budget, this can be a great gift for most moms with toddlers. You can also pair this with accessories for the diaper bag like feeding bottles, baby cleaning cloths, pacifiers, and even diapers.

  1. Baby Stroller/Pram

This can be helpful to a mom with a newborn or a baby below 3 years. They reduce the strain of carrying the babies around especially when away from the home. Working moms who are able to travel with their kids will find this a practical gift.

  1. Play Pen

 Gifts For Working Moms

This is a small enclosure, usually portable, in which a young child can play safely alone without constant supervision. This should provide moms with some time off the constant monitoring to babies. If a mom works from home, this can help her get time to finish some of her tasks as the baby plays.

  1. Spa day

This might sound unconventional, but this is the perfect gift for working moms as this will get them more relaxed and ready for the unending double shifts they hold.  A gift voucher to a spa especially one that offers body massages can be very helpful to give a working mom.

  1. Holiday/Getaway

This might sound pricey, but holidays can be cheap depending on where you going. This can even be in the form of a small road trip with good food and drinks paired even if it doesn’t have to include BNB.

Gifts for working moms do not only have to be stuff for their kids. You can even offer to babysit their baby as they have some time off to do a few things that they love.

By Beth Mugo


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