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Many mothers worry that they are not producing enough breast milk for their babies. In some cases, it is true that the milk production may not be sufficient for the baby. There are many ways to combat the problem of low breast milk supply such as getting enough rest and making sure you are well fed. The causes of low breast milk supply may differ from one mom to another.

Causes of low breast milk supply

  1. Medical conditions

One of the reasons for low breast milk production is medical conditions. Moms who are sick or who suffer from certain conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure may have trouble producing enough milk for their babies. In this case, seek medical attention so that you are able to produce enough milk.

  1. breast milk


There are also some medications that may cause low milk production. If you suspect that the medication you are taking could be causing this, talk to your doctor about it.

  1. Emotional factors

Moms who are stressed or are dealing with anxiety may experience low milk production. Trying to relax and creating a conducive environment for you will help increase your milk production.

  1. Poor latch

When your baby is unable to lath well, they will not be able to feed well. This is important because your body produces more milk when the milk it has produced it consumed. Your milk supply will dwindle if your baby is not feeding well. Get some help from a professional or another mom if your baby is unable to latch.

  1. Infrequent feeding

Newborns should feed every 2 to 3 hours. If your baby is not feeding constantly, your body will not produce enough milk. One way to increase your milk production is to make sure your baby feeds often.

If you are not producing enough milk supply, check on some of these reasons and ensure that you are doing your best to ensure that you produce enough milk.

By Beth Mugo


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