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How To Choose The Best Baby Pacifier For A Baby

In recent times, there is an increase in the number of moms looking to buy a Baby Pacifier. This can be attributed to the many benefits that the best pacifiers offer to the kids. In this post, we will offer tips for moms in the market to find the best one for their children.

Newborns usually have strong sucking reflexes. There are babies that even such fingers or thumbs even before they are born. Nonnutritive sucking is beneficial to babies, considering that it comes with a soothing effect. This is one of the reasons why baby pacifiers are vital for any mom. They help to get rid of pain and anxiety in a child.

Benefits of using baby pacifiers

  1. Pacifiers help soothe a fussy baby. In most cases, a baby is happiest when they are sucking on something. This is one of the reasons to purchase them to help deal with pain and anxiety. They are also known to help a baby settle down and sleep.
  2. A baby pacifier can also act as a temporary distraction. When you are taking your child to a health center, the pacifier can be beneficial after blood tests, shots, and other procedures.
  3. A baby pacifier can also enhance comfort during flights. During flights, air pressure changes can make the child ‘pop’ their ears by yawning to get rid of ear pain. You can make the infant more comfortable using a pacifier.

The best part about pacifiers is that they are disposable. Some kids will just stop using them, but in some cases, one might need to throw them away to limit dependence on them. Here are some considerations when in the market to find the best pacifiers.

The baby pacifier nipple material

The pacifier nipples are mainly made of three materials

  • Silicone: These nipples are the most durable. They do not retain odors and are easy to clean.
  • Latex: Nipples made from latex are softer in comparison to silicone-made ones. They also tend to wear out quickly and can retain odors. They are not the ideal choice for kids that have latex allergies.
  • Natural rubber: For any parent keen to avoid harmful toxins, these are the ideal choice. They are more rigid than latex and silicone.

Age appropriateness

Baby pacifiers come in a variety of sizes. Babies are born with natural instinct to suck. There are pacifiers suitable for newborns between 0-and 6 months. There are also pacifiers for kids between 6-and 18 months and for 18 months and up. The best pacifiers should also be at least 1 ½ inches across to reduce the risk of the child putting it in their mouth and choking.

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