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Breast pumping is a great way to ensure that your baby has enough milk especially when you have to leave for work or you are away from home. One of the best ways to make breast pumping easy is to set up a breast pumping station where you have all the essentials you need. We have made a list of everything you will need for your breast pumping station.

Breast pumping station essentials

  1. Breast Pump

The first thing you will need for your station is a breast pump. If you have an electric breast pump, you will need to make sure that it is powered up or your station is next to a power source to avoid disappointments when you are pumping. It is also wise to have extra breast pump parts at the station incase something breaks down.

  1. Pumping bra

A pumping bra is designed to help you pump easily. It makes it more pleasant and comfortable for you to pump because you can go hands free. Moms who are comfortable with holding the pump with their hands as they pump don’t need a pumping bra.

  1. Milk storage bags

breast pumping

Once you pump your milk, you will need to store it. Having milk storage bags at your pumping station will make it easy for you to store the milk you pump at the station before you move it to the fridge.

  1. Entertainment

If you are pumping regularly, you will be spending some time in the pumping station. Having entertainment with you will make sure you have a good time pumping. Have your phone, charger or laptop with you or set your pumping station next to your tv.

  1. Breast pads

breast pumping

Breast pads help a lot with leakages. Having them on before and after pumping will prevent leakages.

  1. Clean towels

Spillages are bound to happen during pumping. Having clean towels at your pumping station will help you deal with spillages as soon as they happen without leaving the station.

While setting up a pumping station, get a comfortable place such as a seat where you will be able to relax and enjoy your time as you pump. The station could be in your bedroom or in your seating area.

By Beth Mugo


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