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Are you looking for the best baby shop around Kasarani? Millan Baby Shop Kasarani we are the right place. When one is expecting a newborn, there is a need to plan ahead. One needs to keep in mind every little aspect of a newborn baby. One not only needs baby clothing for the newborn, but it is also vital to purchase necessary clothing for maternity as well as nursing. Apart from purchasing clothing, there are other vital accessories that one needs for their bundle of joy.

Some essentials for your newborn

Breastfeeding accessories

The benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby are numerous. Although not all moms will be able to breastfeedBreastfeeding is, without a doubt, one of the activities that affect the life of the newborn. When done properly, the result is a healthy child. For successful breastfeeding, one needs to purchase proper nursing clothes. One needs to purchase quality nightwear, tops, and nursing bras. One also needs to purchase nipple shields for soaking up any excess milk and preventing leaks. Breast pumps are also part of useful accessories. They help one to express milk which can be fed to the kid even when the mom is not around. Milk storage cups, labels, and clips are part of the accessories that one requires while pumping breast milk. Visit Millan baby shop Kasarani to purchase these accessories at an affordable price. You can also place your order at our online store.

Baby Beddings and Accessories

Playpen Crib Foldable Baby Cot
Playpen Crib Foldable Baby Cot

Sleep is also part of the aspects that shape the health conditions of your newborn. There is a need to ensure that the baby’s sleep area is safe and cozy. For newborns, a lightweight crib with a well-fitted mattress is the first item to put on the essentials list. One also requires purchasing light and breathable baby blankets and sheets.





Baby Clothing

bBaby Shop Kasarani
baby clothes

Clothes are the first thing that one thinks of whenever they are planning for a newborn. At Millan baby shop Kasarani, one can find clothes that are cotton-based, comfortable, and have safe motifs. One will be spoilt for choices, whether they are looking for sleepsuits, tops, caps, or even socks. We have competitive prices at our baby shop, ensuring that you always get the best deals for any products you purchase.

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