One of the best ways to ensure that a baby is born healthy is for the mom to stay healthy through out the pregnancy. Taking great care of yourself during pregnancy will ensure that you have an easier pregnancy and that your baby will be born healthy. Educating yourself on how to stay healthy during your pregnancy will protect both you and your baby, before and after delivery.

How to stay healthy during pregnancy

  1. Eat healthy food

healthy food for pregnancy

The surest ways to stay healthy during pregnancy is to eat healthy foods. You are eating for two and your baby eats what you eat. If you eat healthy foods, your baby will also be feeding on healthy foods and you will both be strong and healthy. You might find that you will be hungry more often and eat a little bit more but that’s perfectly fine.

  1. Don’t do drugs

Doing drugs such as alcohols and cigarettes increases the risk of your baby being born with certain diseases and birth defects. Stay away from drugs when you are pregnant and when breastfeeding.

  1. Take prenatal vitamins

Pregnant women who visit hospitals will be given prenatal vitamins that help with the growth of the baby. They are rich in iron, folic acid and calcium and can also be sold over the counter. Make sure that you take them everyday without missing a dose.

  1. Go for check ups

    exercise for pregnancy

Going for regular prenatal checkups will also help keep your baby healthy. Seeing a doctor regularly will help you have a healthy baby as they are able to do several tests to make sure that both you and your baby are in good shape. They are also able to advice if something goes wrong. Having the baby in hospital with help of a doctor or a midwife will also come in handy incase something goes wrong during the birth.

  1. Regular exercise

Staying active during the pregnancy is also a great way to ensure you have a healthy baby. It can help you reduce stress, boost your mood, improve circulation and sleep better. Check with your doctor on which exercises are safe for both you and your baby.

Doing research and learning about ways of staying healthy during pregnancy will ensure that you are well prepared for your pregnancy journey. Making friends with other moms or moms to be can also be of great help.

By Beth Mugo


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