When you are about to have a baby, you have to know what essentials you will need when the baby gets here. These essentials also include baby clothes that your baby will wear from the day they are born.  You will also have to take some of them with you to the hospital when you are going for the delivery. It is important to know where to buy these baby clothes in Nairobi. You can as well include these clothes in your baby shower registry and let people know what to get you as baby shower presents. Because there are many different types of new born clothes and it might seem overwhelming having all of them, we have made a list of what you should strive to have before the baby arrives.

Best newborn baby clothes in Nairobi

  1. Rompers

Baby rompers are a must-have for any new parent. They come as a complete outfit and you, therefore, do not need to have a top and a trouser for your baby. Rompers usually have snaps at the crotch area for a faster diaper change. They reduce your laundry load which gives you more time to spend with your baby. It is a good idea to get them in several sizes as your baby will grow within the first few months.

Baby Clothes Nairobi

  1. Stockings

Stockings are great baby clothes to have in Nairobi for your new born baby. They are soft and stretchy and will help keep your baby warm when it gets cold. They can also be worn with other outfits such as dresses or shorts. When buying stockings, get the ones that are soft and won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

Baby Clothes Nairobi

  1. Baby hats

Babies get cold pretty fast and one way to ensure that they stay warm is to have a hat on. You not only need to have a hat on your baby on the cold days but also as you travel with them. You can always buy cute hats that match with their outfits to make them look even more adorable.

kofia and scarf

  1. Socks

Baby socks are also an essential item on our list of new born clothes. They are a must-have no matter the weather. They will help keep your baby’s feet warm and protect them from the cold. Because it is easy to lose baby socks, buy several of them with the same pattern in case one goes missing.

  1. Sleepsuit

Your baby will be sleeping a lot when they get here. Having several sleepsuits ready will help you put them to sleep in comfortable clothes that will keep them warm throughout their nap.  A sleepsuit may look like a onesie but is as warm as a blanket. It fits like a pajama, covering your child’s whole body without covering their head making sure they have a wonderful rest.

To be fully prepared for the baby, do not forget to have other baby clothes such as shorts, shirts, dresses, sweaters, and onesies for your baby.

By Beth Mugo

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