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How To Choose The Best Maternity Diaper Bag

Babies need a lot of stuff. Especially when you are traveling, you need to have the essentials in one bag and this is where a diaper bag comes in handy. The name diaper bag doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for carrying diapers only. Below is a list of commonly used baby items that can be carried using a diaper bag.

    1. Diapers
    2. Baby wipes
    3. Bottles
    4. Portable bottle warmer
    5. Burp cloths
    6. Bib
    7. Jar(s) of baby food/pouches
  1. Change of baby clothes
  2. Thin blanket/nursing cover
  3. Pacifier
  4. Changing pad

Considerations when selecting a diaper bag

  1. Bag Size

Diaper Bag

Depending on how many essentials you need to carry this is the most important consideration. Bags range from Large, medium, and small. There are diaper bags that come as 3 in 1, meaning you can choose which one to use depending on what you will be carrying that day. You can also source for the 3 sizes separately and choose depending on the load that needs to be carried.

  1. Pockets

This is also vital to consider especially when you are on the go and need easy-to-reach pockets to access the baby items.

  1. Form factor

You need to choose something that you are comfortable with and will not hurt your shoulder or back when in use. Diaper bags come in a number of form factors as explained below.

  1. Backpack – This is easy to carry and has some good weight distribution. It is worn on the back with straps being held up by both shoulders.
  2. Tote/ Messenger – This is the most common form that is normally worn on one shoulder.
  3. Diaper Clutch – This is the smallest form factor and is perfect for carrying very few items.
  4. Feminine on unisex

This is a consideration depending on who you are getting the bag for i.e., babies’ gender. You can also consider the parent’s gender or preference.

  1. Ease Of cleaning

Because diaper bags carry baby food and can be easily soiled, they need to be easy to clean once there is a spill. Consider how easy it is to clean a bag before you buy it.

  1. Price

Although diaper bags are essential, they can come in different designs and prices as well. This is more of a preference as personal budgets vary between people.

Choosing the best diaper bag for you will depend on what you prefer. If you are buying it as a gift for a friend, find out what they like first.

By Beth Mugo


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