Today there are many brands for Baby Diapers In Kenya. Choosing the best diapers for your baby may need you to consider several factors such as the brand, size, or price. Although many moms have preferences and know what they already like, we have made a list of the top diaper brands in Kenya.

The best baby diapers in Kenya

  1. Pampers Baby Diaper

A product of P&G company, pampers is a well-known diaper brand in Kenya. It has earned its place in the Kenyan market by being the first diaper brand to launch. Many people still refer to other brands by this name. It’s known for its good quality, even though it can be a bit pricey.

Baby Diapers In Kenya

  1. Softcare Baby Diaper

Softcare baby diapers entered the Kenyan market a few years ago and rightly owned its place. It’s synonymous with a famous Kenyan singer that makes it easily recognizable to many moms. These diapers are known for their affordability that does not compromise on quality.

  1. Huggies Baby Diaper

Huggies baby diapers are also a great brand. One of their best advantage is that they have a wetness indicator that alerts you when it’s time to change your baby. They are also good quality but maybe a bit pricey.

  1. Molfix Baby Diaper

Molfix baby diapers are a new brand in the Kenyan market. Originally an Egyptian brand, Molfix is slowly gaining its place in Kenya. It is also quite affordable for the average Kenyan mum.

  1. Kisskids Baby Diaper

Kisskids is one of the most affordable diapers for the Kenyan market today. It promises super dryness and being leakproof. It is a good choice for moms who want to save a buck.

Baby Diapers In Kenya

One of the advantages of having more diaper brands in Kenya is that you are able to buy from the nearest shop. You don’t have to buy the whole packet. Many brands are now selling diapers in pieces for when you are on a tight budget.

By Beth Mugo


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