Breast pumps are useful to any breastfeeding mom. They come in handy for moms when they might be spending several hours close to the baby. With a breast pump, a mom is able to express milk which is then fed to the child at the right feeding time. You might be away working, enjoying a night out or even catching up on sleep. With a breast pump, one is able to express milk for the kid and leave it in a freezer where the caregiver retrieves to feed the baby.

Other instances when you need a breast pump

It is also advisable to consider using a breast pump if you are looking to increase your milk supply. Breast pumps work by imitating how a child breastfeeds and their use can stimulate milk production and enhance milk supply. They can also come in handy for adoptive mothers that need to be breastfeeding a child by inducing milk supply.

You can also choose to spend on breast pumps when experiencing oversupply. At times, milk supply can outpace demand, and this will lead to pain engorgement. This usually happens after birth and also when weaning. A breast pump will help you get rid of the excess milk and this will help avoid blocked ducts and mastitis.

Types of Breast pumps

Breast pumps come in three main types:

1.      Manual breast pumps

Just like the name suggests, a manual breast pump is operated using your hands. They come with a lever that one presses repeatedly to create suction and thus express milk. The best part about the manual pumps is that they are affordable. The models are also portable and lightweight.

2.      Electrical breast pumps

These models will require an electricity supply to function. They come with a plug and when connected to electricity they create suction and express breast milk. One can choose between a double electric pump and a single electric pump. The double electric model allows you to express milk from both breasts at the same time, while single models require you to express milk from one breast at a time.

3.      Battery-operated breast pump

The battery-operated models are more portable when compared to electrical models, considering that they do not rely on the availability of electricity. They are also wireless and this allows one to enjoy hands-free pumping. However, the models are not as powerful as electric breast pumps.

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