The Best Toys For a Baby – How To Choose

There are a million and one options to choose from as toys for a baby. Baby Toys are a great way to assist your child’s development as they have fun while playing. The best need to be open-ended meaning the toys can be used in different ways. Below are some that we believe can encourage your baby’s imagination, creativity, and even problem-solving skills.

  1. Blocks – These are the must-have of toys for stacking and building and are unisex.
  2. Balls – These come in various sizes and are unisex.
  3. Figurines – These can be dolls for girls, action figures for boys, or even animals. They can be both fictional and non-fictional.
  4. Rattle toys – They are targeted mostly at infants and toddlers.
  5. Puzzles – These are mostly for older children to enhance problem-solving skills.
  6. Musical Instruments – They can range from miniature guitars, pianos, flutes, or xylophones
  7. Toy Cars – They can be unisex but are mostly for boys.
  8. Doll House – These are for girls and can be paired with dolls.

Consider the following factors when choosing the best toys for your baby:

1. The child’s age

This is vital when choosing as many have age-range information for safety reasons. This is because some toys have small parts which are not recommended for infants as they tend to direct almost everything into their mouths.

2. Stage of development


Young babies tend to enjoy brightly colored ones that either rattle or have a music box inbuilt.

Toddlers on the other hand love playpens and play boxes, building blocks, buckets, and containers.

Older children enjoy toys that jolt their imagination and creativity like puzzles and toys that enhance problem-solving.


3. Interest

This is a factor to consider especially for older children as they have developed interests and preferences and they can even express what they are love.

You can also buy more than one toy for your child. You will get to learn what they love most after a while.

By Beth Mugo


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