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When your baby arrives, your laundry will definitely double. You need to stay on top of your game with the laundry to make sure that your little one always has something clean to wear. Washing newborn baby clothes is different from washing adult clothes in many ways. Here are a few tips on how to clean your baby’s clothes.

How to wash newborn baby clothes

  1. Pick the right clothes

The first step is picking the right clothes. Baby’s skin is sensitive and can be easily irritated even by cloth fabric. Picking fabrics that will be gentle on your baby’s skin is the best option. We recommend using cotton clothes which are soft and do not have any chemicals.

  1. Wash the clothes before

baby clothes

When you first buy your baby’s clothes from the shop, make sure that you wash them before dressing your baby. Baby clothes can easily pick dust and other irritants before you buy them and this might affect your baby. Since it is impossible to know where or how the baby clothes had been stored before buying them, you should have them cleaned before putting them on your baby.

  1. Choosing a detergent

The best detergent to use for your baby’s clothes is a color and fragrance-free detergent. Try and wash a few baby clothes first with the detergent and see how your baby reacts to them. If they show signs of irritation, make sure to change the detergent.

  1. Co-washing

Washing your newborn baby’s clothes with the rest of the household’s clothes is not forbidden. You might want to wash them separately if one member of the family has been sick. Washing the clothes together is not likely to irritate your baby’s skin.

  1. Fabric softener

A fabric softener can make your baby’s clothes extra soft. Just make sure that it is safe to use on baby’s clothes before including it in your laundry routine.

For those using machine washing, you don’t have to set the temperature too high unless your baby’s clothes are heavily spoiled, or the baby has been ill.

By Beth Mugo


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