As a mother, you want to keep your baby safe. This includes protecting your baby from mosquitoes which not only cause discomfort but can also cause life-threatening diseases such as malaria. According to the Ministry of Health, Malaria Control Programme, more than four million malaria cases are reported in Kenya, annually. This includes cases in children which can be prevented by taking precautionary steps to keep them safe. We have come up with a list of steps to take to keep your baby safe from mosquitoes.

Steps to take towards protecting your baby from mosquitoes

  1. Sleeping under a mosquito net

Baby Mosquito Nest

One of the most important steps to take towards protecting your baby from mosquitoes is to ensure that they sleep under a mosquito net. Every time your child takes a nap, even during the day, make sure they are protected by a mosquito net that will keep the insects away. If you share a bed with your baby, ensure you have a net big enough for the two of you. In case they have a separate cot, make sure it also has a net.

  1. Use mosquito repellant

There are several types of mosquito repellants that can be used to keep your baby safe from mosquitoes. If you choose to use repellants that are applied directly to the skin, make sure that they are safe for a baby’s skin since it’s very delicate. If you choose to use a mosquito repellant spray, consider spraying the room while your child is not in the same room.

  1. Use proper clothing

Dressing your baby in a manner that covers their skin will protect them from mosquito bites. Avoid clothes that leave most of their skin exposed. Consider dressing your baby in bodysuits and onesies that cover their whole bodies especially during rainy seasons when mosquitoes are breeding.

  1. Destroy all mosquito breeding grounds around your home

Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water and lay their eggs in small pools of water. Make sure that you have cleared all stagnant water around your home. Remove anything that might hold stagnant water such as buckets and open tanks. Do not give mosquitoes a chance to breed.

  1. Avoid scented products

Mosquitoes are attracted to scents. Keep your baby away from them by using unscented products such as soaps, oils, or perfume. Check to ensure that the products you buy for your baby are unscented or are only slightly scented to protect them.

Protecting your baby from mosquitoes will keep them in good health and away from life-threatening diseases. Follow the recommended guidelines to keep them safe.

By Beth Mugo


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