baby shower gifts

If your friend will be a mom soon, you are probably thinking about what to get her for her baby shower. Getting the best baby shower gifts will not only make a new mom’s life easier but will also make her happy. Unless you have been a mom yourself, getting the best gifts can seem a bit overwhelming. Here are some gift items ideas you can use.

Baby shower gifts ideas

  1. Clothes

One of the best baby shower gifts idea is baby clothes. Every new mom will need baby clothes when their little one arrives. You can get them different clothes including dresses, shorts, onesies, socks or hats. They will appreciate practical and stylish pieces for their baby.

  1. Diaper bag

baby shower gifts

Every new mom will need to leave the house with their baby at some point. A diaper bag will be a practical gift that will help them pack all their baby essentials as they leave the house. It will come in handy in many different situations.

  1. Baby crib/ bassinet

A newborn baby will be sleeping quite a lot after they get home from the hospital. Getting the mom a baby crib or bassinet will provide a safe place for the baby to sleep and rest. Remember to include the accessories such as a mattress.

  1. Changing table

A changing table is an essential item for moms. They need a safe place for all the diaper changes they will be doing. Buying one as a baby shower gift is a great idea that moms will appreciate.

  1. Toys

baby shower gifts

Toys can also be great baby shower gifts. Buying toys that the baby can play with within the first year will be great. Do your research before you buy any toys to make sure that they are safe for a young baby.

If you are unsure on what you should get for the new mom, you can get a gift certificate for the mom. This way, they can buy what they think is necessary for themselves or for their baby.

By Beth Mugo


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