milk storage bags

If you are a pumping mom, or you are thinking about pumping, then you need to think about how you will store breast milk. Apart from getting a breast pump, you will also have to consider the best breast milk storage bags in Kenya. Knowing what to look for when making that important decision will help you to choose the best breast storage bags.

What to consider when buying breast milk storage bags in Kenya

  1. Get storage bags that work with your pump

You will have probably bought a breast pump before you buy the storage bags. Make sure that you buy milk storage bags with an adaptor that is compatible with your pump to avoid spillages. If you choose to pump directly into the milk storage bags, get the ones that go well with your pump and are easy to use.

milk storage bags

  1. Decide how long you want to store your milk

Keep in mind how long you want to store your milk as you choose which breast milk storage bags in Kenya you will buy. If you want to freeze a lot of milk, then you might want to get disposable storage bags but if you want to pump and feed, then you can use reusable storage bags.

  1. The milk storage bag capacity

Different storage bags have different capacities. Deciding on how much milk you want to store in one bag, will help you choose the best storage bags for you. This is important especially if you are keeping a record of how much you are feeding your baby. If your baby is a newborn, you can buy smaller bags and increase the size as they grow.

  1. Durability

You will want to buy milk storage bags that last. If you put them in the freezer, they should not leak. Make sure that you buy storage bags that are leak-proof and puncture-proof and that will stand being in the freezer for a long while.

  1. Pricing

The price of the storage bags is also an important factor to consider. Consider how much you are willing to spend on milk storage bags and get something that is within your budget. While considering the price, remember to get quality bags that will not disappoint even if they come at a slightly higher price.

Buying the best milk storage bags will help you to avoid spillage, leaks, and other disasters. Get the best milk storage bags in Kenya today.

By Beth Mugo

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