pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow is a pillow specially designed with pregnant moms in mind. It supports the changing curves of your body throughout your pregnancy and helps you sleep better. The normal mattresses do not provide the comfort you need and may lead you to have many sleepless nights, when you should get all the rest you can get.

Why you should buy a pregnancy pillow

  1. Eases body aches and pains

Sleeping while pregnant can be stressful for many moms. It is quite difficult to find the best sleeping position which might causes a lot of aches and pains. Your growing body also increases pressure on your back, hips and legs. A pregnancy pillow provides support to all these body parts so that you can sleep well and feel better during the day.

pregnancy pillow

  1. Let’s you rest better

Pregnant moms need lots of rest, which is quite difficult if you are unable to sleep well. For your physical and emotional health, you should be sleeping more. A pillow will help you sleep better and for longer so that you are well rested.

  1. It will be useful even after pregnancy

Even after you have had your baby, you will still need much rest as you heal. Especially if you have had a difficult delivery, a pillow will help you sleep better. You can also use this pillow while you are breastfeeding.

  1. Enhances blood circulation

Sleeping on your side helps increase blood circulation. This may be very difficult and uncomfortable when you are pregnant. The pregnancy pillow will help you sleep sideways by cushioning your body against the hard mattress which will promote blood circulation.

pregnancy pillow

  1. Comfort

Using a regular pillow will be uncomfortable during pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow will give you maximum comfort and will ensure that you enjoy your time in bed.

There are many pillows that you can choose from depending on what you prefer. Factors such as size, shape, filling and fabric are also something you should think about before you buy one.

By Beth Mugo


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