Baby carriers are beneficial, not only to the parent, but also to the baby. A baby carrier ensures that one can move with ease while carrying their kid. Whether you are going shopping, using public transportation, handling house chores or making a meal for your child, you can carry them with ease with the right baby carrier. For the kids, a baby carrier brings them close to their caregiver, and the heartbeat and warmth they enjoy while being carried around is soothing. This helps strengthen the bind between the parent and their child.

Types Of Baby Carriers

You will not be short of choices if you are in the market for a baby carrier. There are plenty of models, brands and types to choose from. Here are some common types in Kenya.

Baby Wraps

Upendo Wrap Baby Carrier

A baby wrap is the most common and simple type of baby carrier. It is usually a long piece of fabric that one can wrap around their body as well as their baby. One only needs to tie the loose ends, and this creates a snug, cozy and secure place for the baby. Wraps can come in different sizes, and materials. Some wraps are made of elastic fabric such as knit jersey or cotton jersey, and they are known as stretchy wraps. They offer a great solution for newborns as well as new moms. Wraps also come with versatility, considering that you can carry the baby in front, on your back, or on the hip. One of the mostly common brand of baby wrap is Upedo Wrap

Buckle carrier / Soft structured carrier

Buckle carriers are also common with many moms. These carriers come with padded shoulder straps, as well as thick padded waistbands and one fastens around the waist. When one wears it, it creates a pouch for the baby. All the straps that come with these carriers are adjustable, and this means that you can find the most ergonomic and comfortable fit. Buckle carriers are suitable for babies from 4-5 months when a child has better head and neck control. At Millan Baby shop, we have carriers in a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Backpack carriers

Backpack carriers are designed for kids that can sit unassisted and have good head and neck control. The carriers usually come with additional straps as well as padded shoulder straps and they are useful if you are wearing the baby for long durations. Some also come with storage pouches where you can keep the child’s toys or snacks, and this makes them ideal for outdoor adventures.

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