If you are about to be a new mom, you have probably heard a lot about what to expect when your newborn baby comes. Apart from the tales of how you will have to say goodbye to your sleep and how many times you should put your baby down for a nap in a day, there are important things that you should take note of. Here are several things you should know about newborns.

  1. Babies cry a lot

With no other means of communication, babies will cry to let you know what they need. Whether it is a feed, a diaper change, or if they are uncomfortable, the only way to communicate is through crying. It might take a while to know what they need when they cry, but with practice, you will get the hang of it.

  1. Sleeping patterns

Your newborn baby will be doing a lot of sleeping, for short amounts of time. They also need to feed quite often so you will not be getting a lot of sleep at night. They will be able to sleep for more hours as they grow.

  1. They don’t have to take a bath every day

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

You don’t have to give your baby a full bath every day. They will not be doing much anyway at that stage. It is recommended that you give the baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off. When giving your baby a bath, make sure you use fragrance-free products because babies’ skins are very delicate.

  1. They have dry skin

When your baby is born, they may not look as you imagined. They might be covered in a coat of hair that goes away after a while. Their skin might also peel off and be a bit dry but this too will pass. You can apply a perfume-less lotion on their body to keep their skin soft.

  1. Bonding can take a while

Some moms may experience an instant connection with their baby the moment they hold them. For other moms, it might take a while to completely fall in love with your baby, and that is okay too. Give it time and it will happen. If it does not happen for a long while, talk to your doctor about postpartum depression.

  1. They can’t see very far

Newborn babies cannot see very far.  They will not be able to identify you by sight but do not worry. Their sense of smell is very strong and that’s how they will be able to identify you. Their sight will get better as they grow.

Many moms have said that the newborn stage goes by so fast. If it seems overwhelming at first, things will get better. So, enjoy every moment of it.

By Beth Mugo

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