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Breastfeeding is, without a doubt, a very crucial part of parenting. Breastmilk contains a lot of nutrients that a child needs to grow healthy. The process should be hassle-free for both the mother and the child. There are different ways to achieve this goal, and one such option is the use of nipple shields when breastfeeding.

What is a nipple shield?

Nipple shields are thin silicon devices that are designed to be worn over your nipple when breastfeeding. The nipple shields are flexible and soft, and they also contain small holes at the tip which allow milk to flow into the infants’ mouth. The fact that they offer stimulation to the roof of the mouth of a child means that they help them properly latch and suckle more effectively.


When should you consider using a nipple shield?

There is a variety of reasons why a lactating mom needs to purchase nipple shields. One such instance is when you have inverted nipples. Inverted nipples usually retract into your breast rather than sticking out. One can determine whether the nipples are inverted when cold, or when they compress the breast around the areola. The nipple shield is the ideal solution for such moms, as they help guide the child to lath on more deeply.

It is also advisable to consider using nipple shields if you have a premature child. When you utilize them, they help create suction and also position your nipples in a way that makes it more comfortable for the child to suck without tiring. One can get rid of the nipple shield as the child develops strength and coordination.

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