Reasons to express and store breast milk 

breast milk storage

At some point, any mother might be required to pump or express breast milk for their kid. This will happen when one doesn’t need to use their milk right away. In a case where one will leave their kids with the nanny during the day, collecting breast milk ensures that your child continues to enjoy the health benefits that come with breast milk. One might also need to pump breastmilk when they have a premature baby. It is also advisable to express and store breastmilk when your breasts are too full and uncomfortable.

Guidelines for collecting and storing breast milk

The first step involves determining the best collection containers. Breast milk can be stored in special breast milk storage bags, breast milk trays, or plastic bottles. One should select containers depending on the duration they wish to store the milk. Buying additional breast milk storage cups allows you to collect a larger amount of breast milk while avoiding wastage. You can place an order for quality breast milk storage cups here.

One needs to keep their hands clean while expressing breast milk. Apart from washing hands, one also needs to clean the breast storage cups thoroughly to keep them free from germs and bacteria.

If you do not have a refrigerator or a freezer, you can store the milk at room temperature. However, you will need to ensure that the milk collected is used within four hours. When you store the breast milk in the refrigerator, you should set it at 4 °C, and it should be used within 4 days. In a case of a chest or deep freezer, when the temperatures are set at 0 °C, the milk can be stored up to 9 months before use.

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