how to increase breast milk

Breast milk is the best food for newborns. It has high nutritional value and helps protect your baby from various illnesses. It is however not always possible to have breast milk available due to various reasons. Sometimes, you may not be able to supply enough milk to satisfy your baby’s needs. There are steps that you can take to increase breast milk supply so that your baby has all they need.

How to increase breast milk supply

  1. Breast feed often

One of the ways to increase your breast milk production is by breast feeding as often as your baby needs. When your baby feeds, hormones that trigger milk production are activated. The more your baby feeds, the more milk you will produce.

  1. More food and fluids

Making sure that you are well feed with both food and fluids will help you produce more milk. When your body is hungry and dehydrated, it may not be able to produce enough milk for your baby. Breast feeding requires energy which you get from food. Certain foods such as garlic and ginger have also been known to help increase milk production.

  1. Pump between feeds

how to increase breast milk

Introducing pumping between feeds will increase breast milk supply. When you pump after a feed, you will exhaust all milk supply and your body will start producing more milk. Make sure to pump from both breasts. The milk you get from pumping can also be stored and used at a later date for your baby.

  1. Rest

Getting more rest can do wonders for your breast milk production. If you are exhausted and tired all through, your body will not be able to work at its best and it may affect your milk production.

  1. Breast feed from both sides

Breast feeding from both sides can also increase breast milk production. Have your baby breast feed from one side until they stop or slow down and then offer the other breast for them to breast feed.

Milk production may be low when you start breast feeding. But with time, your supply should increase. If you are unable to meet your baby’s demand, or have twins or triplets, you may consider introducing baby formula to ensure your baby is well feed.

By Beth Mugo


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