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Washable Breast Pads

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What are breast pads?

These are pads that are used to absorb excess milk preventing leakage to your clothes. They protect your clothes from getting milk stains. They also protect your breasts from skin irritation and infection from moisture.

Why use Alex’s breast pads?

  • They are sizable for all mothers.
  • They can be washed and reused.
  • They have strong absorption and prevent leakages.
  • They have a soft fabric that is comfortable and does not irritate the skin.
  • They are designed to fit perfectly into your nursing bra.
  • They are perfect for sore nipples.

How often should they be changed?

You should change the breast pads as soon as you notice they are wet.

Who are they for?

  • They are for breastfeeding mums.
  • They are a perfect baby shower gift.

What’s in the box?

6 PCs breast pads


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