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Electric Breast Pump

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An electric breast pump has a cord connected to an electrical supply to power the pump that creates suction to express milk. It can be held by hand, or worn with a nursing bra.

Parts of a breast pump

  • The breast shield that fits around the breast and nipple area
  • The pump that creates the vacuum that expresses milk
  • A milk container that fits below the breast shield and collects the milk.

How to use an electric breast pump

  • Disassemble all the parts
  • Clean them with a neutral detergent
  • Find a private place where you feel relaxed.
  • Place the breast shield on your breast. Make sure it covers your nipple.
  • Begin pumping.
  • Remove the breast shield after you are done.
  • Unscrew the bottle and place a cap on it.
  • Clean the pump in warm, soapy water and set out to dry.


  • It requires less effort compared to a manual pump.
  • It saves you time
  • Its small size makes it portable


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