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Swaddle Baby Blanket

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A swaddle baby blanket is used to wrap a baby to help them feel safe, calm, and secure. This blanket is very soft and comfortable and will keep your baby warm.

swaddle baby blanket
Swaddle baby blanket

What are the befits of swaddling a baby?

  • It stops the baby from being disturbed by startle reflexes which helps the baby to sleep longer.
  • Swaddling can also help make the baby recreate the security feeling they had in the womb.

How to swaddle a baby

  • Use a swaddling blanket or a soft baby blanket.  Place the baby in the center with the shoulders just below the fold.
  • Leave the head uncovered.
  • Always lay the baby on their back.
  • Try and swaddle the baby every time they sleep.
  • Swaddle the baby firmly but not too tightly.

Swaddling is only recommended for newborn babies before they learn how to roll over.



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