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Newborn Shopping Package

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As a new parent, getting ready for a baby can be tasking. Knowing what you need for the baby and where to get it is essential if you want to be ready when the bundle of joy arrives. Having a newborn shopping package will ensure you have all you need and that you are ready when the baby gets here.

What is a newborn shopping package?

As a new mom, you might be overwhelmed with all the shopping you need to do. This package is specially designed with you in mind. It has all the basics you will need for your newborn baby. In addition, it takes out the guesswork if you are wondering what exactly you need to buy.

What does it contain?

The newborn shopping package has several items that are essential for your baby. Below are the items in the package.

3 pairs socks
1 bucket
5 pc baby bag
1 heavy romper
1 shawl
3 hats
1 light romper
1 towel
4 pc flannel

1 big basin
3 cotton rompers

1 blanket
5 cotton bodysuits

1 Mackintosh
11 pc receiving set
3 bibs
1 sleeping nest

Nursing Pillow

How much does it cost?

This package is currently retailing at Kshs. 14,500. This is a greatly discounted price compared to what you would pay if you purchased the items individually. Hurry and get it while stocks last.

Whether you are a new parent or a friend who wants to give a special gift to a new mom, the newborn shopping package is the ideal choice.


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