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Vest Suit 5 Pcs

5 in 1 Baby suit is designed for little ones for mum looking to keep their babies in cozy and happy,

this is the best to buy baby clothing.Furthermore its made of best silk wool to keep your baby warm and cool day in day out.

Above all the vests  vary in size that your child will have a vest to wear in certain period as he/she grow.

KSh 1,500

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First of all the baby vest suits are specifically for the little ones comes with a wide variety of design. Secondly, they are undergarments designed with snaps that closes over the crotch which is used to facilitates insertion of the baby’s diapers as a result the baby stays cozy all day hence bringing out the relaxation to him/her.

Short Description:

  • Multi colors and design.
  • Varying size from 3-6 months.
  • 5 in 1 vest suit.
  • Long sleeved.
  • Very Cozy.
  • Unisex


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